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Feeling peaceful and happy today. It doesn't hurt that I just got through with an hour long bike ride and it's 70 degrees here. Sunny and no humidity. For me, it is my perfect weather day. I hate the heat.
I am working in my office today but want to be outside somewhere. Sigh.
Hope you are happy, healthy and fulfilled whatever you are doing today.


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SO in love!!!


With everything Amy Butler does! First her fabrics and home decor ideas! Don't get me started there! LOL! Have you seen her book called Midwest Modern? It's one of my favorites things to look through. Amy and her husband bought this retro-style house in Ohio, I believe, and it shows how they decorated it (with Amy's beautiful fabrics of course!). And with truly unique and gorgeous furniture and knickknacks. She even has instructions to make your own floor cushions and envelope pillow covers!

Well, now Amy has created, along with K & Company, a line of RECYCLED paper crafting supplies called Lotus. Being a paper-craft groupie, I almost died when I saw these on her website. Look at them and be inspired! I know I was…..


Now, where is my glue stick again? 🙂


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Blog? What’s a blog?

I have been taking a much-too-long break away from my blog! It's time to come back!

been a busy last few months, with the NSD preparation, ScrapArtist
birthday and the site redesign. There has not been much time for
designing. Now, the summer months are coming and my garden has been
calling to me. We installed a new patio section and propagated some
hastas this past week.


The bike paths call too and today I answered them!


took my bike out to an amazing park in Ann Arbor that runs along the
Huron River. They also have canoe rentals and I noticed a few moms and
their small children rowing away down the river. I thought that was so
cool – to take them out to see all this gorgeous nature. The looks on
their faces were priceless.

I also saw some other parents and
their babies – Swans! These birds were amazing! They were absolutely
huge and when I tried to get close up to snap a photo, the biggest one
— maybe the dad? — gave me a look which made me keep my distance. LOL!
The babies were so tiny and beautiful. This is one day that I wished
for my Rebel and macro lens as opposed to my iPhone camera. But, hey,
you use what you got right?

Here they are on land…


And then they decided to all go for a swim…


Ahhh… it was a great start to the day.

Ellie has her band concert. I am a bit nervous as she hasn't really
been practicing too much, but I will be proud to hear her, along with
the small junior band, nonetheless.


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