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Trick or Treat Anyone?

Welcome to my stop on the first-ever Scrap Artist Blog Train! My
little treat for you can be downloaded by clicking on the preview below.. Make
sure to follow each blog link given on each of our blogs to gather ALL
the goodies, from mini-kits and pieces to 12 x 12 Quick Pages from our
wonderful CT members! All Aboard!


Next stop on the blog train is Joy! She has a little treat for you on her  blog.

Happy Halloween!


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I love the cool crisp air, the smell of a cozy fire's in neighbor's fireplaces, school starting, Halloween, crisp juicy apples, cider and doughnuts. Oh, yes and all the leaves falling — bright, beautiful and colorful. The trees turning color here in Michigan are just gorgeous!

Found this little beauty on my driveway this morning, next to my USA Today! The first drop of Fall Color at my house….Enjoy!


(filesize is 4.4 MB and zip includes a color and b&w .png as well as a brushset)


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Two Old Friends in Love….


This is my dearest friend Debi with another childhood friend, Ken, back in 1985. Ken was part of the group in middle school (and even into high school) that we called "The Court Gang". We used to hang out most days after school and pretty much all weekends at the houses in a cul-de-sac in our subdivision. It was me, Deb, Anne, Jill, Diane, Wanda, Mary, Amy along with Ken, Rusty, Greg, John. We had so much fun back then and some crazy memories! We've talked about having a "court reunion" for so many years now.  Here we are way back then….


Everything seemed to center at Ken's house. He was an amazing photographer (and still is!) and was warm, kind and had a quick wit. I joke that I think we all had crushes on him!  He dated our dear friend Annie for a while until she moved to Indiana, but I always suspected, even back then that he was sweet on Deb (most of the court guys were! LOL!).

Well, fast forward to current time and social networking! Last December I convinced Deb to get on Facebook. Meanwhile, Ken's little brother was getting him on FB too! The rest they say, is history (or more like Fate, I believe).  Here they are together — don't they look happy!? I think Deb has never looked more beautiful! She is just glowing! 


And the best part of all this is today Deb called to tell me that they're getting married and that I am the maid of honor! This is the best news I've heard in a while. I love you Deb and can't wait until May! Didn't I tell you that good things were coming and when they came they'd be GREAT!!?? The best things in life are worth the wait!


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Project 182?

Okay, so I sort of blew my Project 365. I went thru March and then stopped. So I am going to call mine Project 182 because yesterday was Oct 1 and a fresh start to the month. (Okay I am mentally making the "L" on my forehead! tee hee).

I decided that in order to give myself the greatest chance at success, I would take my picts from my iPhone since I always have it with me and can snap shots from my day, right?

Anyway, here is my shot from yesterday…I made myself a cappuccino in my new cups from Italy.


And this morning, from my favorite coffee shop, my spinach quiche – yummy!


Ellie has a half day so I have to get going to pick her up! We are going to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in IMAX 3D (I think I might be more excited by this then my 10-year old!) LOL!

Have a blessed day!

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