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A Year of Lessons…

2009 was a bittersweet year for me. I lost my Dad in June. He was 93 and was my biggest fan and one of my best friends.

With this great loss, I began to take stock of where I was at and one thing that stood out to me (and ironically was something my dad was always lecturing me about) was that I needed to SLOW DOWN. It seems that I'm not happy unless I'm going full-speed ahead. With business, workouts, schedules, etc, etc.

This year I finally understood what my dad meant. In my grieving process, I slept alot. Instead of going to the gym during the summer, I stayed home with Ellie. I worked less, we slept in, played, went on bike rides and long walks to the grocery store. We took the dogs. Somewhere along the line, I ended up enjoying myself immensely.

I was more relaxed. I ate healthier. I lost weight. I began to feel like my old self.

I also learned some important lessons this year. I would like to say that I did this by reading profound and insightful books. Or that I took a life-changing course at the local college. But I didn't. I learned from observing other people that I admire to see traits in them that I would like to adopt. My husband, friends, other moms at Ellie's school, family members and even my beautiful Ellie.

Here are some things I've learned in '09:

– Walk your talk.
– Speak from the heart.
– Enjoy what you do.
– Be authentic (this one is for my friend Lisa! who I greatly admire for this trait).
– Be consistent (thank you John)
– Serving others is a quick route to God (and peace in your heart).
– Laughing really is good medicine.
– Live in the present.
– Be grateful. For EVERY thing.
– Each day is a gift. Not a given.
– Say you're sorry.
– Be honest even if you're afraid.
– Don't make excuses.
– Document your life's events for the next generation (this is for Gabi!)
– It's never too late to change.
– Love is the only thing that matters.
– Keep your promises.
– Question everything (even some of your own thoughts).
– Reach out to others.
– When friends ask you out, say YES! 🙂 —-> for Heidi, Amy, Gail & esp. Deb!
– Every day is beautiful (even in cloudy, overcast Michigan)
– Try something new whenever you can.
– Turn off the TV once in a while.
– Reading is fundamental.
– Dancing to pop music is fun.
– Dog, spelled backward, is God. (Thank you sweet E!)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful 2010!

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Woke this morning to pounding rain on the roof. Was just dozing and settling back into sleep when I heard tiny feet. Only they are not so tiny anymore! LOL! My ten year old "baby" was up early — even with having gone to bed late — way past midnight.

We went to midnight mass last night, something we haven't done since we were first dating. I was overwhelmed with the beauty and spirituality of it. The church was packed – so much so that there was standing room only. We were lucky enough to be able to grab 3 seats together. The choir sang all the Christmas favorites and it was beautiful, but when the congregation sang it raised the hairs on my arm – but in a good way! Hearing all of us singing together, about Christ, was one of the most memorable moments I've had in church.

Flash forward to this morning and after all the presents were unwrapped, the coffee and hot cocoa drunken and the stockings emptied, I sat back and thought about all that I have to be grateful for. When it comes down to it, the best thing about my life comes in tiny packages…My beautiful, magical Ellie. And, now my grand-nephew Christopher. It's a beautiful life….

Ellie-sonny  Chris 

Hope your day is blessed and that the gifts of Christmas are many at your house!



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As most of you know, lately I design about as much as I blog! But when I do design, I really enjoy myself… especially around Christmas. I've got some new products up at ScrapArtist for the holidays and hopefully will have more before the month is out.

Here are a few new items for our Countdown to Christmas and Artist-to-Artist Collaboration…







Also, for a short time, we are offering this
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