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at the Pshop CS5 class could fill a book, or er, a 6 hour class! LOL!  The class was great and I did learn alot. Since it was geared toward mostly photographers, some of the stuff about Camera Raw and HDR were over my head. But the section of Photo Stylings were awesome! Plus, at the end of class Ben taught us how to make actions and all the tricky things that could happen with them.

Besides advanced HDR (high definition resolution) and the new mini-bridge, the coolest thing about CS5 is this thing called "Content Aware Fill". If you have something missing in your picture, like sky or rocks, you just select the blank area and under Fill, choose Content Aware. It acts like a really smart clone tool and fills in the sky and rocks for you. You can also use this to take things out of your photo that you don't want, like electrical lines or a sign.The results were not perfect, but they drew some oooohs and ahhhs from the audience. From a geek standpoint, it was pretty awesome. 

The new puppet warping feature allows you to take an object and map on it where it might bend and move. Ben animated an armadillo tail and it was cool but I could not figure out how I might use Puppet Warping in my work, except maybe to change the perspective on an element.

Refine Edge is revamped for CS5 and is really useful for extracting hair things like Fibers, yarn and such.

The new beta 6.1 version Camera Raw (available at labs.adobe.come) has a very powerful feature which can take a fish eye lens image and flatten it out. I imagine this may be used in reverse to create some "Lens Baby" affects? But I think I took a potty break about then so I missed how to reverse it! 🙂

Like I said the section on Photo Stylings and Actions were well worth the class and more directly applicable to how I use Photoshop, and I hope to share what I learned here with you. The one thing I was really excited about yesterday is why I always get geeked about Kelby seminars… the deals! I signed up for a year-long access at KelbyTraining.com for about $100 off the price and got almost $500 in free dvds and books! I picked up Scott's CS4 Down and Dirty Tricks and his Digital Photography series, as well as some Corel Painter tutorials by Fay Sirkis.

Now I just need to sit down and take the time time learn plus upgrade to CS5! 


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Photoshop CS5!!

I am so excited today to be able to attend Photoshop CS5 for Photographers. It's put on by Kelby Training. If you don't know who Scott Kelby is he writes and teaches about Photoshop. He is such a great teacher and has a wonderful sense of humor.
Today's class is taught by Ben Wilmore and it's all about the latest version of PS. I'm excited because I only have CS3 and I want to know if I should upgrade. Plus I'm hoping to learn some cool tricks that I can pass on here.
Photoshop CS5!!

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So John has diabetes. Well I should say he is one point away from it. His doctor circled this number on his blood work and wrote “south beach diet” next to it.

John is determined to fix this and I am there with him. I don’t have diabetes but based on my muffin top I have a sneaky suspicion that I am insulin resistant.

So starting yesterday we began south beach together.do you think I can eat this quiche and not touch the crust? LOL

I think I can 🙂

Day 2 South Beach Diet

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I am really proud of my latest collection for Fancy Pants. It's called "Roadshow" and it's an eclectic mix of colors, textures and patterns akin to what you might find at a flea market or antique shop. I saw they had it the other day at Archivers too!

Here is a preview and a video I found over at Scrapbook.com but you can find lots of beautiful crafty inspiration over on the Fancy Pants blog and here are a few peeks of some of those projects. It is so much fun to see how the line is being used so creatively by these amazing artists!





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To kick off our 5th Birthday Party, we've created some fun avatar birthday bling just for you!

Have fun!

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I am so proud to say that ScrapArtist is FIVE YEARS OLD this month! To celebrate we are having a BLOG TRAIN.


Here is my contribution… it is a set of Oooh LaLa solids and brushes (70MB) that coordinate with our Oooh-La-La Mini kit below


Happy Scrapping!

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I'm really excited by our Artist-to-Artist this month at ScrapArtist! Our very own Danielle Donaldson of Wish Bliss Studios is our Muse this month and we had so much fun coming up with new products!

Here are a few things I collaborated on with Danielle, as well as a new paperset inspired by her artwork. You can see the entire May Artist-to-Artist products (they are all gorgeous!) by visiting the A2A section of the ScrapArtist shoppe or visit the ScrapArtist blog. They are all 35% off!

Stay tuned for some fun things happening at ScrapArtist this week as we celebrate turning FIVE!


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