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About Me….

Welcome to my little corner of the digital world…

Come on in, pull up a chair.

you were at my house, I’d offer you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine,
but since we’re  meeting across the ones and zeros of the digital
world, I’ll simply say hello!


A little about me

My name is Nancie.
I am happiest when I’m creating — whether it’s designing a scrapbook
paper or fabric, making a digital collage or a paper arts project,
taking a photo or cooking a favorite recipe.

This is my place to share my creations with you in hopes
that they will inspire you in some way and fuel a project that
are working on.

I am a stay-at-home mom to my daughter Ellie. I have an incredibly understanding husband named John,
who also happens to keep me in stitches on a daily basis. We have alot
of fun. We have two dogs — an insanely crazy yellow lab named Genevieve and a little Welsh Pembrooke Corgi named Sonny. We also have an orange cat named Fuzzy who is really sweet and a great mouser.

a family, , we love to go “camping” in our 30 foot motor home of which I
am the driver  :). We also like to bike, hike, watch TV, go to the
movies and on Saturdays you’ll find us at Leo Coney Island ordering greek salads.

love to read books of all kinds but particularly enjoy mysteries and
romance.  I run and lift weights to stay in shape and I love to cook.
Recently, I’ve gone gluten-free (to try and clear up my psoriasis),
so you may see me sharing some of the recipes I discover along the way
here. Gluten and casein allergies are on the rise and as I’m learning
are at the heart of many illnesses.

For the past five years, I owned ScrapArtist.com,
a digital scrapbooking website. Running it took time away from my
designing and so in September of 2010, we closed down. I have so many
great memories of ScrapArtist and all the wonderful friends I made along
the way.

I hope you enjoy your time here on my blog and that it inspires you in some way.

I’d love to hear from you and how you create… drop me a line anytime at nrjanitz@mac.com


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stay tuned.

{shop coming soon}

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I love Fall! I know I say this every autumn, but September seems to always roll around in a heartbeat and there it is again! Glorious, gorgeous, sun-drenched, COOL fall. Is it a coincidence that September is also my birthday month? I'm not sure,  but I know I feel most alive when the fall temps hit and the leaves begin to turn. All the good things come with fall too… crisp, sweet apples, cider & donuts, back-to-school and did I mention the donuts? 🙂

Along with all that goodness come the colors of Fall and in Michigan we are really blessed with some of the most beautiful fall color around! This year, though, fall is late, darn-it! With the unseasonal warm temps, the leaves are having a hard time turning. And if they turn, the colors aren't rich enough for me — so I thought I'd "Photoshop Fall"! Wanna join me? (If you want to play along, you can download the original scanned leaf (leaf1.png) as well as two other leaves here. (10 MB)

I found this leaf in my front yard and even though the colors were pretty, I wanted to brighten it up a bit.


Besides being in love with this time of year, I also have fallen in love with a website called Lost and Taken. It is the creation of Caleb
Kimbrough. Caleb is a freelance photographer and cook who creates some really gorgeous (and high quality) textures. The best part he not only gives these beautiful textures away for free but he allows you to use them in your commercial work. As long as you don't try to package and resell them and that you not host them on your site, he is okay with that. Pretty cool, eh? While you are there, why not donate to the site? It's good karma especially since he is kind enough to give them away.

I ended up downloading two textures from Lost and Taken, a greenish-gold background and a bright orange with some great folds in it.


Next, I opened up the leaf1.png file and dragged the first green-gold background on top of my leaf. Using Option (Alt) G I created a clipping mask. Then I used a small circular eraser and erased the part over the stem. In the Layers palette I used an Overlay blend mode at 100% opacity.


and this is what it looked like….


Nice, huh?

But I really wanted it to look like it was on fire – like in October when the whole world is red and gold and green and burnt orange, you know? {btw, if you live in Southern California or somewhere in the Tropics, I apologize! 🙂 LOL! }

So I dragged over the orange texture on top of the green  and enlarged it. Again, I erased the parts over the stem) and used Opt-G to make a clipping mask.

Using an opacity of 65% and a linear burn made the leaf really pop!


Last, but not least, I used the burn tool and a round feathered brush and burned in to the leaf's veins to make them more pronounced.


The end result is a bright, beautiful red-ish leaf!


But I'm not done yet! I want some of the greenish-yellow of my original leaf to show in the red. To do this, I created a layer mask on my topmost layer (the orange texture layer) and, using a small grunge brush in black, I "erased" away some of the layer to let the other colors show through.. mostly around the edges of the leaf.




Again, if you want to download all three leaves, in .png format, plus the grunge brush, you can do so here.

Happy Fall!

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Paper Heaven….

My favorite place to go when I'm in Ann Arbor, besides Zingermans (for the BEST turkey reuben you'll ever eat!), is Hollanders. They are a paper arts store and besides having everything paper (stationary, scrapbooking, cards, clip art books, crafting and arts books), they also hold classes in altered art, mixed media art journals, book-binding and even letterpress. Of course, I've taken many of these classes! LOL! But that was years ago. I just picked up their workshop schedule and may head back for a class or two this fall.

Anyway, the other day when I visited Hollanders, I took pictures of their papers for inspiration both in color and design combinations. Here they are in all their iPhone photo glory for you! Some are kinda blurry but they are all so gorgeous, aren't they?







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I'm having a great sale over at ScrapArtist! Most of my items are 50% off and there are some freebies thrown in there too! 🙂


The one product that I am most proud of, which has become kind of my signature digital produt, is my Shmootzy Frames. You can grab them for free in my shoppe now! It's my way of saying thank you for being such great customers all these years!


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