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My new “baby”

I have been so inspired by Pioneer Woman lately (thank you to Gabi and the girls for hooking me up!). I stalk her blog and download her recipes and Photoshop Actions. But I also recently got her cookbook. The recipes are not exactly heart-healthy (most of them involve some kind of red meat and butter!) but man are they delicious! This woman knows how to cook! She uses fresh ingredients and lots of herbs….

The thing I love about "PW" (as Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is known as) is that she loves to eat as well as cook so I can totally relate to her. The other great thing about her is she shows step-by-step photos for each recipe. Her Parmesan Chicken, from her blog, is absolutely the best I've ever tasted. And unlike most of my other cookbook purchases, I've already made about a dozen recipes from the PW cookbook and most importantly, John and Ellie love them!

PW uses mostly cast iron cookware in her kitchen and specifically Le Creuset. I have a few pieces already but the one that I've wanted for a while now is the oval Dutch Oven.


Today, thanks to my sweet husband, I was able to pick this baby up at Williams Sonoma… it is going to be great for soups, chili and even a roast chicken.

Thank you Ree for re-igniting my cooking passion! (And thanks John for the belated-VDay gift!)

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