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Vintage Valentine…


Val1  Val2

I am very proud to tell you about a smaller line I did for Fancy Pants back in November called Vintage Valentine. It was a mid-show release (in between the two CHA shows). I was excited to find it in my local Archiver's this past week! To see the whole line, visit the Fancy Pants website.

For some beautiful projects, using this line, check out the Fancy Pants blog.



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One Little Word



I've decided to join Ali's One Little Word Challenge this year. My word for 2010 is PEACE.

The concept behind it is to give myself something to focus on throughout the year. I think I am going to print this out and put it in my office so I'll be constantly reminded of my goal.

This layout was done for ScrapArtist's Weekend Workshop Layout challenge. Thank you sweet Gabi for your constant inspiration!



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My Buddy…



I miss my Dad.

Some days are worse than others… today being one of them. I love this picture of our "Papa" because even he looks just like a little boy to me here. He looks so happy and excited by his birthday celebration and more like it was his 9th birthday instead of his 93rd!

Somedays I ask God for a sign that my dad is safe, in heaven with his family and especially with my mom. I light candles at Mass and pray for him. I talk to him sometimes at night. I still cry myself to sleep.

I dreamt about my Dad once since he passed. It was what Ellie calls a "Spirit Dream". The kind that even though you are asleep and dreaming feel like you're awake. In it my dad was doing what he always loved … watching Ellie. Instead of being a baby though Ellie was her current age.  He was just sitting on my bed watching Ellie play on the computer. I walked in the room and couldn't believe my eyes! There was my Dad. I kept asking him how he could possibly be here when he was dead! He just looked at me with a knowing smile, like he always did, and said "Hey, you asked for a sign that I was okay." LOL!

I kept squeezing his arm to make sure he was real. It all felt very real to me. Then I woke up.

Sometimes in the car, I turn my satellite radio to "40's on 4". Listening to the music of this era always makes me feel close to my dad. This morning, I heard the tale end of a song my dad used to tell me about called "My Buddy". Somehow, the words felt like they were being spoken directly to me from dad. It made my day.

My Buddy

Life is a book that we study
 Some of its leaves bring a sigh
There it was written by a buddy
That we must part, you and I
Nights are long since you went away
I think about you all through the day
My buddy, my buddy
Nobody quite so true
Miss your voice, the touch of your hand
Just long to know that you understand
My buddy, my buddy
Your buddy misses you
Miss your voice, the touch of your hand
Just long to know that you understand
My buddy, my buddy
Your buddy misses you
Your buddy misses you, yes I do

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