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Project 182?

Okay, so I sort of blew my Project 365. I went thru March and then stopped. So I am going to call mine Project 182 because yesterday was Oct 1 and a fresh start to the month. (Okay I am mentally making the "L" on my forehead! tee hee).

I decided that in order to give myself the greatest chance at success, I would take my picts from my iPhone since I always have it with me and can snap shots from my day, right?

Anyway, here is my shot from yesterday…I made myself a cappuccino in my new cups from Italy.


And this morning, from my favorite coffee shop, my spinach quiche – yummy!


Ellie has a half day so I have to get going to pick her up! We are going to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in IMAX 3D (I think I might be more excited by this then my 10-year old!) LOL!

Have a blessed day!

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Jan 3 09

Jan3-09, originally uploaded by nrjanitz.

Well it's Day 3 of my Project 365 and I'm really enjoying this! I find that I'm excited to get up to see what I might shoot! LOL! I'm sure that a few months in, in the stress of getting ready for school and our normal crazy schedule that it will be hard to be so excited and/or disciplined. But right now, in the last days of our Christmas vacation, it's really been inspiring and motivating me. Who knows maybe I will need to scrap a few of these?


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My grounding ritual…

Jan02-09, originally uploaded by nrjanitz.

Is going to the gym in the morning— to my Team Fitness class. It's actually something I look forward to on M, W, F. The group of woman that I work out with, and our trainer Brooklyn, are all incredibly amazing individuals and I've come to treasure their friendships as much as I do the workout.


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Happy New Blog!

And Happy New Year too!

I decided to begin the New Year afresh. Not only here with this blog, but also with my ONE WORD for the new year. What is it you ask? Well, I'll tell ya! This year I am going to…

FOCUS.  A new friend (and colleague) suggested this to me the other day regarding my business and I am taking her up on it. But I'm taking it a step further too and trying to incorporate it into my personal life as well as professional. I need to focus on what's important and lose all the other stuff. 

In addition to focusing in the figurative sense, I thought I'd dust off my camera and take some pictures. Getting back into what got me into this craft of scrapping and design in the first place. Documenting my life for my child and her children. So I'm going to take part in the Project 365 this year… taking a photo a day and posting when I can. My dear friend Lisa did this last year and I remember always being so inspired by her blog posts and her photos.  This morning it actually got me out of the house into the cold morning air to take a picture of my fur-baby, Sonny. 


Will you join me?

Happy New Year,

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