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Greetje Feenstra

Good morning! I am off to my weekly torture at the gym, but I was surfing through Art.com today for some inspiration and came across this amazing artist that I had to share with you!

Greetje Feenstra's painting are so ethereal and gorgeous. I love the way she crops her painting in so tight and all the wonderful texture and softness, don't you?

My favorite painting is this one because if you look closely she is using gold leaf! LOVE IT!

Picture 40

But check out her other work at Art.com






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I made this little "Dream Box" using my new paints and some of my FancyPants Roadshow rubons. I just started a mixed media class with Claudine Hellmuth at BPS and it is amazing! She has several video tutorials each week and some extra class projects which inspired me to create this box.

My creative juices started yesterday when I got this box from UPS with all my goodies for Claudine's class!

Next I went to Michael's and got this little wooden treasure box to work with. I got all my painting supplies out, including my Roadshow Rubons from Fancy Pants.

I covered the box with gesso, letting it dry for a few hours. This is not necessary but just like priming when you paint a wall, it gives you better coverage with the color.

Next, I watched Claudine's video on beginning paint mixing and downloaded her PDF paint mixing chart. I mixed up two colors… a bright green and a soft blue…

I painted the bottom part of the box with the green and the top with the blue, letting it dry overnight.

This morning, I got out my rubons and cut them out with scissors. Using a wooden stick, I transferred the rubons onto my box on the sides and top…

The trick with using rubons, especially on wood, is to go slowly and hold them in place. You can tell that the image has been transferred because it will appear lighter (as it does on the right side of this rub)….

When I was all done, I picked a goldish brown chalk ink and went around the edges of the box to give it a slightly aged look.

And that's, it! The possibilities are endless with paint…and that's why I love it!

If you would like to try your hand at this technique, post here over on the ScrapArtist Blog with a link to your project by next Friday (midnight). I'll send ONE lucky random winner my Roadshow rub-ons as well as a few other Fancy Pants Roadshow goodies.

Have a great weekend!

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My Thursday night meditation…

Tonight was the second week of my oil painting class at a local studio — D&M Studios. The class is like a meditation to me… painting and talking with my friend Laura, the class is timeless. Before I know it,  it's over and time to clean up!

Sharon Dillenback, our instructor is an amazing and prolific artist, but the thing about this lady and what makes her so special is her ability to TEACH painting. She knows just the right balance between teaching and keeping the fear at bay. You just want to jump in and get started and all the worry about "not being good enough" fades away. An incredible woman. She is also my daughter's art teacher at school and is fantastic at getting the best out of our kids.

Here is my still life, in oil, of some tulips… I still want to add some more color next week, msome more shading and perhaps change up the background color so the vase doesn't blend so much with the blue background.



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Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. H. Beecher

Thanks Lisa for inspiring me everyday!

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