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So John has diabetes. Well I should say he is one point away from it. His doctor circled this number on his blood work and wrote “south beach diet” next to it.

John is determined to fix this and I am there with him. I don’t have diabetes but based on my muffin top I have a sneaky suspicion that I am insulin resistant.

So starting yesterday we began south beach together.do you think I can eat this quiche and not touch the crust? LOL

I think I can 🙂

Day 2 South Beach Diet

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Long Bike Ride…


I love having Ellie home for the summer, but I also enjoy the days she visits Grandma so I can go on an extra long bike ride. Today I biked almost 16 miles out and back to a little town called Dixboro. I chose a new route that you can see here on Bikely. I loved this route because it was very rural… lots of farms, big sky, puffy clouds and even a cute little cow. The only bad part is on the way back, a tractor had plowed the dirt road so it was more dusty than flat and smooth as it was on the way out. Oh well.

I also did not wear my bike shorts, with the pads. I'm having trouble walking. That'll teach me! 🙂

Here is a bit of what I saw along the way! Off to pick up Elle and go get our shares from our CSA.



IMG_0457 IMG_0461 

IMG_0459 IMG_0460


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Feeling peaceful and happy today. It doesn't hurt that I just got through with an hour long bike ride and it's 70 degrees here. Sunny and no humidity. For me, it is my perfect weather day. I hate the heat.
I am working in my office today but want to be outside somewhere. Sigh.
Hope you are happy, healthy and fulfilled whatever you are doing today.


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Mar 1 09

Mar 1 09, originally uploaded by nrjanitz.

Today I was a triathlete.

It was scary and really hard, but I did it and I am so proud!

This was an indoor triathlon put on my gym and I had to be there at 7am this morning – ack! It was a 10 min swim, followed by a 30 min bike ride and 20 min run. It was so hard to run after that bike ride my legs were like noodles! LOL!

Off to take a nap!

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Back to my childhood….

Jan 15 09, originally uploaded by nrjanitz.

I swam today!

I did not go very fast and I was out of breath for sure, but I managed to swim for 40 minutes, resting in between laps. I noticed that most of the other swimmers in the lanes next to me had a cap and goggles, so I decided to treat myself today with these! 🙂

There is nothing on this earth that makes me feel more alive than when I am swimming. It also makes me feel like I'm 16 again because swimming is how I spent my winters in high school. I was on the Synchronized Swim Team and now, before you imagine Mike Meyers in the beginning of the Austin Power's movie, I am here to tell you this sport is hard! I was in the best shape when I was swimming… and I'm hoping to work a few laps into my gym schedule this winter.

Who knows, maybe I'll find some more muscles under my "protective layer" LOL!


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Whole Abundance…

I am so excited/happy to share with you that I am collaborating with the very talented and super sweet Lisa Cohen!

Lisa is a teacher at Big Picture Scrapbooking as well as an incredible photographer, scrapper, mixed media artist and cook. She is also a foodie, food blog groupie and workout fanatic like me! LOL! So, we started something fun for ourselves this year — a blog highlighting recipes and ways to live well! We hope to share ideas, recipes and inspiration weekly with you… and hope that you'll share with us as well.

Please join us in our endeavor… it's called Whole Abundance.


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